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Dog Name
33 lbs
8 months
Jindo + Shepherd

One of the workers raised a dog at a factory in Jeju island and didn't take her with him when he left his job. That mommy dog was pregnant at that time, gave eight dogs a birth, 4 of them couldn't make it, but a month went by, nobody took care of the bodies.
A caregiver heard that, so when she went there to feed, people were abusing them every time they passed by the place where the dogs were tied.
When the caregiver witnessed that, she could not leave them there, so she ended up rescuing the mommy dog and 4 puppies.

She could merrily open up with a kid, loves having her belly rubbed, cuddling, and makes some sound obvious that is the voice of wanting more pets.
She allows contact anywhere on his body. No significant behavioral problem observed.

With a big dog : Ria wags her tail gets closer to a big dog and sniffs as walking on eggshells. As soon as Ria finds out the big one wouldn’t harm her, she wags her tail in a circle wiggles her whole body.

With a small dog: When Ria finds out that the little one is older than her and senses “Pecking Order,” that she must play a subordinate role. Ria acts with manner doesn’t even look at the small one in the eyes; she looks out the corner of her eye and keeps a distance.
She has not shown troubling signs around dogs.

If the other dog shows high interest, curiosity on Ria and has quite a lot of playful energy, it is recommended to take enough time to introduce each other. Because Ria tends to get excited on the first greeting time, so proper command and lead would be ideal with confronting a dog whom Ria never met before.

Ria gets timid because being in an unfamiliar place; she is skittish with a cat.
She is prone to lean on a person try to avoid a cat.
Ria begins to fidget and to whimper; probably, she is scared of a cat.
If she wants to go out, she whines.

Ria doesn't have much experience with being lead by the leash, so she doesn’t pull the leash, but she doesn’t know what exactly a handler wants, so she walks not straight with the leash.

Her energy level is little above than an average.

She is a bright and lively dog
She is a sociable dog who really likes people.
Being the playful kind, she enjoys being around dog friends, especially if they are energetic and playful.
She likes to run in the dog park as off-leah, interacting with her favorite person.
She is prone to act like a baby.
Ria whines to get attention and or express what she needs and wants.
We are training her to whine less or perhaps not to whine at all and try to stop her from being a whiny adult.
She follows well so far; she is a fast learner.
Ria tends to get excited on the first greeting time, so proper command and lead would be ideal with confronting a dog whom Ria never met before.
She could read the signal well, so it would be ok with that to be adopted in a family with dog friends and children. She would enjoy being around them, and they'd really like her happy-go-lucky personality.
She eats well has no allergic reaction towards any kind of food.
In terms of her energy level, she seems to be more on the high side, relatively her age; it is ideal to be adopted in a family who can do some activities with her to burn off her excess energy.
She is ok with driving, being inside a kennel, doesn’t have car-sickness.

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