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Meeting Cat

Sowon is meeting a cat. She is approaching
the cat but she does not show any signs of
aggression. Also, to reduce the cat's stress
level, we are giving her her favorite treat as
well. Sowon did not get fixated on the cat
when entered the room. She wanted to sniff a
little but that is about it. Sowon can be a little
nippy when other dogs are too rough. So, we
suspect she might be a little nippy as well if
cats are hissing or aggressive toward her.
With slow and gradual introduction, she will
not have big issues with cats.

Meeting Large Dog

Sowon (play bows). Checking each
others. (short bursting play bows)

On a Walk

Sowon is out on a walk to Paju. We came out
to train her to lay down on a walk and to
desensitize her to the surrounding noises.
Seah is on a walk with us but Sowon is very
well socialized with other dogs so it should
not hinder her training. I shortly trained her to
lay down ealier with some treats. She keeps
walking around me wondering if I would give
her more treats. I'll not give her any treats but
rather get on with the walk. (Let's go, Sowon.
This way). In comparison to the first walk we
had yesterday, her tail is up and wagging
showing much more relaxed mindset.

Meeting Stranger

She is so adorable. (Sowon~) She
sniffs strangers. (Come!) She wags her
tail a little. (She sold her soul for some
treats) This morning she went to
complete strangers sniffing with a
wagging tail. (Does she do well on a
walk?) Yes.

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