We are registered as 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in NC. This does not mean that our operation only spans within NC. We are an international rescue group partnered with a Korean nonprofit organization called "Welcome Dog Korea". Together, we specialize a Korean dog breed Jindo dogs and those that are commonly thought to be of dog meat breeds in South Korea. 

We believe showing that
- the dogs that are labeled as "Meat Dogs" are not different from the dogs that are considered as "Pets",
- they can heal and learn to trust humans again with the RIGHT help, and
- they can be part of our families as furbabies,

CAN and WILL change the people who kill dogs for human consumption little by little. 

Hence, we embark a journey to set things straight. We will rescue one dog at a time, help them recover from any illness, rehabilitate them, socialize them, train them, and then adopt them out.

The rescue is not complete until they are in loving and caring homes with their own humans to call furdad and/or furmom.

We know it will not be easy but we would not back down and watch any more.

Please join us and help us make changes for those poor lost souls.

Once the dog is adoption-ready, we will fly the pupper to where you are.*

*The adoption is available to areas where there are frequent direct flights with ICN(South Korea)

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Only $200

It costs only $200 a month for us to board a dog at a place where they can learn how to interact with hoomans and socialize with other dogs.
Please, Donate to be a
Furry Godparent.

Thank you so much for supporting our organization and our puppers!

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