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Dog Name
7 months
Jindo Mix

She was rescued her to avoid euthanasia at a high kill pound in Choongcheong Province in Korea in April this year with her 3 other litter mates (the four seasons pup), May, and the other 4 chestnuts pups. She had to switch her foster house twice since she got rescued but she showed the best and fastest adaptation ability to her new foster family and the new environment each time she moved her place. That does not mean she is less loyal to her family. She has been the most attached to her foster family and the fastest learner in everything.
She is very well house trained, sweet and gentle and loves going out for a walk and playing with doggo friends at dog parks.

She would love to spend time with you indoors and outdoors, walk together, rest together, learning new tricks together. She looks tall and big because of her long legs, but she is a only 8kg 7 month old pup.

She is all up to date with shots and vaccinations and ready for overseas adoption NOW.

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