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Dog Name
Blue Bell
2 years old
Best of Everything

She takes time to open up but once she knows you, she is all kissing and wagging tail.
She has not met any human children yet. so TBD.

She does not mind big dogs but if they are pushy or rough she tends to be timid around them.

She does well and mingles in small dogs.

She has not met a cat under supervision. TBD.

She really loves yumyums and would like to keep it to herself. but other dogs often take away her treats.

She only barks when needed.

you can readily walk her without issues but she needs a little bit of training. she is just not used to going out with humans.

any stranger can pet her and pick her up.

She was rescued right before the euthanasia from Kang-Leung City Pound.

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Blue Bell
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