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Dog Name
2.5 years old
Jindo/Jindo Mix

She was found in a rundown house and possibly left behind when the owner abandoned the property.

She had to nurse and rear her litter there in the freezing cold winter.

There were no signs of anyone providing food or water for them and there were no cozy or den-like place for them to rest away from the cold winter wind.

The place was smothered with construction waste and household waste not really an optimal place to raise puppies.

It was 30 min from the rescuer's place so the rescuer visited her twice a week for two months and filled the food bowls and water bowls.

In the back of her place, there was a dog meat farm.

The dog meat farm owner got her impregnated her once or twice a year so he could sell the puppers for meat when they reach 1 year old.

Once the rescuer knew that the area was banned for commercial dog farm businesses and put in a complaint to the city office.

The farm owner could not bear the visits from the government officers and agreed to surrender her to the rescuer.

Bomie only goes outside. she has never been trained for peepee pads.

She will hold until she is let out so it would be ideal if the adopter walks her at least 3 times a day or have a spacious backyard where she can roam free.

She loves to make outside and she has never shown any aggression.

She loves to take a walk and explore new places.

Indoors, she loves to cuddle and lay around lol.

She has never been introduced any fetch or toys yet.

She is gentle and welcoming to new dog friends. smells butt and gently wags her tail to welcome.

She is a little responsive to stray cats but easily corrected. she will do just fine with kittyfursiblings with a proper introduction.

she would rather take some time to nomnom her treats. We have been training her to sit and wait patiently for her treats.

we have hardly ever seen her barking.

She never pulls and always checks if you are coming or not constantly.

She would show belly to anyone. she loves humans too much :)

even though she was left behind in a rundown house. she always stayed in the boundary and always came back to her den to her babies. She is never an escape artist.

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