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Dog Name
1 year old
Jindo Mix

June 21st, a lot of dog meat butchers at one of the largest dog meat market(Gupo) were being shut down earlier than scheduled.

A team from KAWA visited the market to see how things are going on on 25th and there is where they all met Dae-Bock.

A taxi driver was dragging him into one of the dog meat restaurant where people can bring in their own dog to butcher and eat at the same sight.

After a big cancer surgery, he bought Dae-bock as a puppy and raised him solely for his personal consumption.

Thankfully the restaurant was one of many that were already shut down by KAWA.

Then, he tried to drag this pupper into another restaurant that was still open and running.

KAWA could not let that happen in front of their eyes and convinced the owner for hours to surrender him to the rescue.

Sad thing is that this pupper had no idea why his owner had fed him only good and healthy food.

He thought he just went out for a walk with his owner for the first time, just jolly and happy, wagging his tail and kissing his owner.

This pupper now has a new name Dae-Bock(meaning "great success" in Korean) and awaiting for his furever family to show up.

It means a lot for us to share his post adoption stories and we hope to find a family who are eager to share how well he does after being adopted so this awful dog-meat-eating businesses are out of this planet for good.

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