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Dog Name
33 lbs
3 yrs
Jindo Mix

Goldy was a stray that was brought into a kill shelter.
She was put up for domestic adoption but received no inquiry.
She was listed to be euthanized but was thankfully saved.
Then she was sent to Welcome Think Dog which is a dog boarding facility that prepares dogs for their future lives as domestic pets.

Not shy and friendly towards strangers. Allows full-body contact. Flips over and shows belly when petted. No sign of aggression.
Reacts calmly to young children who are not able to behave considerately towards her.
Even when a child started hitting her face, she did not react aggressively.
Very composed, calm, and well mannered.
Allows full-body contact.
Once, a larger dog came over and jumped on top of Goldy without a warning. Nevertheless, Goldy was not distressed or hostile and merely gave a vocal warning. Afterwards, she did not show interest in the larger dog and stayed focused on her own business regardless of the larger dog's behavior.
Generally not very interested in other dogs. Does not avoid or approach other dogs. Mostly likes to get attention from people. Did not show interest or aggression when a smaller dog approached and sniffed her.
Reaction towards cats:
Over fence: She was too excited by the walk to give any attention to the cat. Even when a cat cried out and Goldy noticed his presence, she did not turn around and kept walking.
Confrontation: Wagged tail, approached to sniff, then wanted to go somewhere else. Became worked up when blocked and held back by the trainer. Seemed eager to explore new spaces rather than become excited and worked up by the cat.
(Additional test needed to determine if she will start chasing cats without the restraint from a trainer.)
Obsession towards food: Low obsession. Able to free-feed. Likes treats, but able to pull food out of mouth if necessary. No sign of aggression.
Barks so rarely that trainers could not remember her barks.
On walks: Tugs on leash at first when she gets excited but soon follows the walker's lead.
Activity level (from 1 to 5): lower than normal energy.
Does not have an urge to escape and well potty-trained.
Favorite activities are walking, scent walking (treat-hunting), exploring new places, and going out to the garden alone to probe around.
Goldy is a very kind and well mannered dog. She is very patient and composed, even towards babies and toddlers (her fostermom had a 20-month-old son), so she will do very well in a household with small children. When socializing with other dogs, Goldy did not show any hostile behavior but did express discomfort towards friends who approached her aggressively.
She will do best if the dog already in the household is on the older side and has a low energy level.
She can get very curious and fixate on something to the extent of not responding to food. Please note that if this happens outside, she might even forget about you and continue to focus on her interests. Goldy has a trauma that led to her phobia towards injection through veins. She is terrified of any procedures that involve blood tests or vein injections. We had to put her under through hypodermic injections for these tests. She is okay with hypodermic injections. When driving, she does not get carsick and does well with riding in kennels.

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