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Dog Name
1 yr old
Terrier Mix

Gray was in the Masan shelter for about one year.
He waited and waited for a hooman he can call a mom or dad but nobody showed up.
The shelter only allotted 1 year of waiting period for each dog and eventually his name got on the kill list a few weeks ago.
One of our rescuer heard his story and decided to rescue him from a kill list.
Thanks to the adoption organization called Flying Jindo, he is with foster parents and fur brother and sister Vancouver, Canada.

Gray is around one year old and he is wearing a cute and fluffy gray coat.
foster mom does his hair with cute and tiny bows on his head and it can not be cuter than that!!!
He only weights 8Kg so if you are looking for a furbaby that is small enough for your living situation but not too small, he will be just right for you.

As mentioned above, he lived in the shelter almost for his whole life and for that time being, he had to share a lot of things with other dogs.
Sadly, he is not a big fan of sharing yumyums with other dogs but with the help of new mom or dad, he will be a well behaved Canadian dog.
On the flip side, food is what motivates him and with a little bit yumyum, he will be your best friend in a heart beat and also. this will make him such an easy dog to train as well.

He is a little bit timid and shy at first but it doesn’t take much effort to win his heart!
Once he gets to know you, he will become the sweetest boy in the world!
He will easily show his belly and wait for your belly rubrubrub!!
Also he is not too vocal and he is okay by himself at home.

Now, his interview can be scheduled after 21st in vancouver and he can not wait to have a place to call home and be with his family❤

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