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Dog Name
6 months old
Jindo Mix

Take a look at this smart little girl!
Lina is a 6 month-old Jindo mix pup rescued from South Korea.
Her mom, Hyejin, gave birth at one of the coldest winter nights in South Korea.
Hyejin lived in a neglected environment tied to a short chain along with other dogs.
They were all destined to be sold to dog meat dealers.
Not even before she became a year old, she got pregnant.
Amidst the negligence, malnutrition, and harsh weather conditions from living outdoor, she gave birth to a
litter of 9 puppies.
Thankfully, a few people got together to make sure all the pups survive through the below-freezing winter
nights of Korea.
As dogs are considered as property, they had to convince the owner to either surrender or sell them but it
took longer than they anticipated.
In the meantime, they put down some cozy blankets in her den and topped off the bowls with fresh water and
kibble to provide Hyejin and her babies a fighting chance.
Gratefully, Hyejin who persevered through the rough days and found a family to call her furparents now and
some of her pups also found loving homes.
Now, its Lina’s turn to look for a furever family!
Soon after Lina was rescued from the dog meat farm owner, she was sent to a foster home with 8 corgi
brothers and a retriever sister.
She learned how to play with other dogs while playing with her foster siblings day in day out.
She went out swimming to creeks, retrieved twigs from the woods to toy around, fetched balls, and played
She also learned to share food, treats, toys, and attention with others as well.
She has been puppy-trained; eating in kennels, using pee-pee pads, walking on leash without pulling.
She got to meet new people of all ages and other dogs when out on walks.
This helped her grow into a social butterfly.
Once she gets to know a dog, she would readily engage in plays and/or initiate plays by showing play bows.
It will be impossible for anyone to miss her playful and cheerful personality!
Just like all other puppies do, Lina has a good amount of energy packed in her.
A lot of it is from the curiosity she has from being a puppy but also from her bubbly personality.
She has met a cat once and it showed that she may be compatible with cats with proper introduction.
At first, she was drawn to the smell of the cat, but soon she instinctively knew it was best if she kept a distance
from it and minded her own business.

The worst case scenario, she will show play-bows thinking that the cats are dogs with very interesting scent!
Teaching her tricks will be a priceless experience!
She is very food motivated and loves having nomnoms during puppy training sessions.
The amount of energy she puts in to the training and how focused she is during the training sessions will
amaze you.
She is a bundle of all the characteristics one can wish for from a furbaby.
Are you looking for a furpect cuddle buddy who would get on four paws to company you to countless
adventures and loves to snuggle with you when chillaxing?
You found her!
She is patiently waiting to be part of your family.
Do not wait until the last minute to apply because she is a keeper for sure!
If you would like to see more pictures and/or learn more about our organization or the adoption process,
please feel free to contact us.

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