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Dog Name
37 lbs
6 yrs
Jindo Mix

She was rescued from a puppy mill, KARA(Korea Animal Rights Advocates) took care of her afterward.
She was then admitted to Welcome Paws Academy for further training and successfully passed the customized three-month intensive program designed to meet her needs.

She shows caution to strangers at the beginning, the same as all other neglected dogs.
She lived in a shelter in which she was exposed to a farm-like, harsh environment with rusty kennels and floating cages, without proper protection of solid wall or solid roof. She had grown up in an environment where various noises desensitized her on a daily basis; she has a high tolerance against unfamiliar noises. So when she senses unknown intruders, she tends to hide, which goes with unfamiliar people.

Fortunately, she is food motivated, so she becomes sociable once approached with food and introduced to physical touch.

Like most of the abandoned dogs, she shows caution to strangers in the beginning.
She needs more exposure to traffic and typical urban noises. When she sees unfamiliar objects on the streets, such as a stroller, she seems a bit afraid. When she experiences more, she will get more confidence.

Once physical contact is allowed, she becomes very friendly.
However, too much physical contact in the beginning can result in negative effects.
Once familiarized, she allows contact anywhere on her body.

She is very gentle greets with a cautious attitude.
She is even patient with immature puppies and badly-behaved dogs.
In terms of her energy level, she seems to be more on the calm, low to moderate end of the spectrum.

She isn’t too interested in feline friends, so she could not have any problem living with cats.
Unless she gets disturbed by while she is eating or when she possesses her favorite toy.

She likes food, but has not had problems such as obsession.
She shows a one-off alert barking towards a dog or cat while eating, but it is controllable.

She is perfectly excellent with leash walking; after building a reliable bonding with her, I assume that off-leash could also be possible.

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