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Dog Name
6 kg (13.22 lb)
5 months old

Olive was reported to 119 Rescue Center by the neighborhood in Andong, Korea. There were several dogs in an abandoned hutch including some puppies. When they were found, they were almost dying of starvation. The owner was found critically ill in ICU and his family asked to euthanize all of the dogs. Thankfully, Welcome Dog Korea heard this story and rescued them all and bring them to their shelter.
Olive is a playful and happy puppy. She could be shy around strangers but she allows you to pet her. In the meanwhile, she will be gently wait for you to finish petting.
Olive loves to play with other dogs regardless of the sizes. She wags her tail in front of cats but she seems shy and timid around them. She does not show any type of aggression towards people, cats or dogs. She loves her food although food can easily be pulled out of her mouth without any signs of aggression.
Olive is a smart girl and learns new things very quickly!

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