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Dog Name
7 months
Jindo Mix

Sarang is growing up to be a very handsome prince.

If you are looking for a pupper with a flawless personality, he is the one!

I hardly see any puppers with a perfect personality scale.

but this baby has been scored all 5 stars in all aspect and that is not a usual thing to see for us.

We have tried to find this pupper's home for months but for some reason, we have been very unlucky.

I personally believe that everything happens for a reason in life.

This boy was rescued along with his mom and his 5 litter mates from a Choong-Chung Province pound only hours before being euthanized.

He was skin and bone as he did not have any food or water at the pound. Two of his littermates died from starvation right after the rescue. Luckily, he and his 3 other litter mates made it through.

He is still a baby and needs a lot of TLC and socialization and training. However, he loves humans so much that he does anything and everything to draw attention from humans.

He is up to date with all shots and so ready for his furever family to join.

Please help this lovely pup find a loving home.

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