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Dog Name
20 kg
2 years old
Jindo Mix

Seolhee, mother of Erang, Sarang, and Orang, and once used to be suffering from severe malnutrition and shivering in the corner of her foster house because she was scared of the whole world.....
We rescued her exactly one year ago with her 5 pups from high kill public pound before euthanasia but 2 of her pups died not long after our rescue due to severe malnutrition.
Out of 3 pups who survived, Erang and Orang got adopted locally in Korea and Sarang recently found his FUREVER family and recently moved to Colorado.
Seoulhee has been living at her foster home with her friend Rambo for the past months and sees what has happened to her. She used to be skin and bones, her ribs showing from severe malnutrition. Now, she has the most beautiful coat, all healthy and gorgeous. She was the timidest rescue dog last year and could not even sit or lie down as she was scared of everything, dozing off standing in the corner of her foster home. Now she is the most loving and caring not to mention friendly and gentle to all her human and furry friends.

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