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Dog Name
13 kg (28.67 lb)
1 year old
Jindo Mix

**Our dogs are in currently in South Korea.
**Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, we currently cannot guarantee any timelines since air travel is affected worldwide.
**The adoption process is still ongoing. You may have to wait about 3 months to meet the dog.

Name: Vera
Weight: 13 kg (28.67 lb)
Age: 1 year old
Sex: Princess
Breed: Jindo Mix
Spayed / Neutered
How Skittish: allows petting
Escape Artist: No

Vera was rescued from a dog farm in South Korea by a Japanese woman who felt sorry for the dogs and decided to buy all of them from the farm.
Vera has a wonderful personality; she is easy to get along with! Plus, she has a gorgeous look with the white fur on her chest and the tip of her tail! This puppy takes kindly to any kind of people from strangers to kids. She also loves to play with other dogs with any size. She loves to run and roll with other furry friends. Off-leash running is her favorite activity.
Vera is very gentle. She will let you take her snacks from her mouth easily. She does not show any aggression to a cat, either.
It seems hard for Vera to be left alone. Vera will be good for someone who is able to stay with her most of time. A place with a backyard will be better suited for her.

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