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Dog Name
2 years old
Jindo & Beagle Mix

Wonny needs some time to warm up to people. Once he opens up, he likes to cuddle.

When Wonny meets playmates, he likes to play fight with them. Wonny is a bit afraid of barking dogs or barking sound.

When he sees a cat on the streets, he has no interest. The foster mom has no cat, but she thinks it would be okay to live with a cat with proper introduction.

He is used to share food. He has some jealousy over human attention. When he attaches to someone and the person tries to pet other dogs, he might feel uncomfortable and try to cut in between. When someone kept some distance, there was no problem.

He didn't show separation anxiety when he stayed with a bit indifferent foster mom. He has some isolation distress because he likes outdoors very much. His trainer is working on it.

He likes to walk and run very much, but not extremely energetic.

During an unusually scorching summer in 2018, a group of volunteers rescued Wonny and other dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea. The farm had approximately 100 dogs and puppies being raised for human consumption. The situation was dire. The dogs were living in filthy constricting cages barely above a pool of their own feces and were being fed human food leftovers. Furthermore, the dogs had to witness their friends being slaughtered. Of course, all of the above is illegal in our country.

These poor dogs have never stepped outside of their miserable wire cages. Their paws were swollen and in so much pain from standing on wire floors. They probably never even met a warm hearted human being until then, but remarkably, most of the dogs were friendly to humans just like ordinary dogs. That was the most heartbreaking part.

In Korea, dogs must be rescued and adopted within 15 days to avoid euthanasia. As you can imagine, 15 days is insufficient for most to find a homes for one dog, let alone a hundred dogs. Luckily, 34 dogs were adopted by good families within the 15 day period but 38 dogs had to be put down. The remaining 25 dogs were miraculously rescued shortly before the euthanasia administration date and were taken into a temporary shelter that a few volunteers built from scratch on an empty plot of land. Wonny was one of the lucky dogs.
He still pulls his leash. His trainer is working on it.

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