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Dog Name
46 lbs
3 yrs
Jindo +

Woodo was abandoned and tied with a chain.
He was neglected at a house in Jeju island, all covered with mud.

Woodo feels comfortable being petted, and he is even more relaxed, gentle around children.
He allows contact anywhere on his body, including his paws.
He is ok with dogs of all sizes, though he is not big into playing with them. He is quite comfortable with dogs around, but he is into other stuff more such as sniffing and browsing. Even though Woodo isn’t too interested in furry friends, but isn’t fazed by them either.
He is all excited about being in a new environment; he shows more curiosity with surrounding more than a cat.
Woodo is cool with a cat, isn’t offended.

Woodo tends to eat fast when a handler tries to take a snack away, he doesn’t want to let go of it, but no aggressive tendencies were found.

Woodo is strong but listens well a handler when he out for a walk; he is a good leash walker.
His energy level is little lower than an average, on the scale of 1~5, he is on the stage of 2.

His favorite activities are going for walks with moderate speed rather than a fast-running, nose work, as not a super high energy dog you don’t have to tire yourself out trying to meet his exercise needs.

Woodo is dependable, trustworthy, and likes to chill. He acts with a manner that doesn’t get rushed, never shown any significant behavioral problem.
He sometimes likes to space out, goof around, become mischievous, make us smile all the time.

Until now, Woodo hasn't had much opportunity to enjoy the company of other dogs, so probably he isn’t a social butterfly, but he has not shown troubling signs around them.
So it would be ideal for him to spend more time with dog friends and learn how to play and have fun.

He loves to eat, but he doesn’t gain that mush comparing how much he eats.
Woodo is full of curiosity love to explore the world, so he would be perfect with a family who takes him many different places such as hiking; he will be over the moon.

He doesn’t show any prey drive with a cat, so If you already have a cat, they could peacefully co-exist.

Woodo is ok with driving, being inside a kennel, doesn’t have car-sickness.

He was tested and found to be heartworm positive. Fortunately, it was only stage 2, so he was treated and cleared on February 20, 2020.
When Woodo first came to the boarding school on April 9th, due to the side effect on Immiticide shot, he had ascites, so he had been treated with medication for a month.
We ran through retest on May 10th, and he was cleared.

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