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Meeting Small Dog

Seah is meeting a smaller dog. the smaller dog goes in the same space. She shows play bow. She does great with younger and smaller dogs. She is running and playing with the other dog very actively.

Meeting Large Dog

Seah is meeting a large dog for the first time. She came out but she would rather mind her business; sniffing around and checking parameter. Now she sees a bigger dog. She does not have a great interest in the other dog. (calling the bigger dog) Both dogs are sniffing each other very seriously. I am breaking her excessive sniffing. She does not show any signs of aggression toward larger dogs.

On a Walk

Seah is on a walk from the station leading to a university in the neighborhood. She does not show any issues. However, it can be easily observed that she is excessively picking up scents. If left without being redirected, her stereotypy may come back. So, it is recommended that human redirects her attention so she does not become fixed to picking up scents on a walk. Most ideally, an adopter and Seah go to a trainer and learn how to break her habit.

Meeting Cat

Seah came in so we can test her cat-compatibility but she keeps laying down asking for treats. She saw the cat but she has not shown any lunging or aggression toward the cat. We have a leash on so my cat does not get stressed out too much. She shows a little bit of interest but does not overwhelms the cat. On the flip side, cats can show undesirable reaction so it always has to be in consideration as an adopter.

Meeting Stranger

Seah is meeting complete strangers. Seah walks away if there are no treats. hahaha. Once she knows/learns about a person, she can be very rambunctious, like a little kid. She was slow to learn at first. (Seah lays down asking for treats) You can call her without a treat. hahaha.

Meeting Stranger

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