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Meeting Small Dog

Yeojin plays very well with a smaller dog running around. She is much older but she plays like a puppy/young dog. It is probably because she is still in same puppyhood just like the other dog she is playing with now.

Meeting Large Dog

Yeojin is meeting a larger dog. She doesn’t initiate plays and does not show any aggressive behaviors or signs. She rather starts with minding her own business. She lets the other dog sniff her and vice versa. Then, she wants to play with the other dog. She seems to have no issue with larger dogs.

On a Walk

Yeojin is walking toward a direction where there are more people(7-8 strangers). Her tail is usually up but she must feel a little bit nervous that her tail is down. She tries to sniff strangers actively and it is a good sign that she has curiosity in them. However, it would be best if you encourage/help her sniff/see strangers in her save zone rather than forcing her to approach strangers. Please, let her take her time.

Meeting Cat

Yeojin is meeting a cat. She is quite curious about the cat but does not bark or show aggressive behaviors/signs. I think she can handle the presence of cat in the same household. However, if the cat's reaction to the dog is aggressive, dog can also show signs of aggression and escalate into a fight. As long as that is not the case, she is expected to do just fine with a proper introduction and integration. Even though she does fine with the cat she lives with, she might chase small critters and stray cats on a walk.

Meeting Stranger

Yeojin is meeting complete strangers indoor. Her tail is between legs but still she can not stop asking for petting.

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