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Lucky wants a poopy hole!


I Boop you everywhere!

Hi! I am Lucky, a Jindo mix pupper.

People call me Lucky because I am very lucky to be alive.

I am not different from any other puppers I see with furmoms and furdads out there but I was surrendered to a city pound along with my fursiblings.

While my brothers and sisters found their loving homes, I was left behind unwanted.

Whenever people came to the pound, I went full on tail-coptering just like my sisters and brothers did.

Sadly, I was never chosen.

My guess is because I was barely half the size of my fursiblings and because I was born without a poopy hole.

If I were a boy, I would have died already but luckily I was born a princess. Lucky ME!

Yup! there it goes my name. Lucky~

Thankfully, Flying Jindo and their sister organization Welcome Dog Korea heard about me and could not bear to see me dying just like that.

They took me out of the pound and ask a nice doctor to made me a pretty poopy hole the next day.

It would have been really nice if that surgery fixed my poopy situation but it kept closing, something called 'post-operative strictures in anorectal malformation'.

So far, I've had 5 surgeries but the doctors say I will need more.

Flying Jindo and Welcome Dog Korea are doing their best to support me so I can have a normal pupper life I deserve.

All I want is to have humans I can call momma and or dadda just like my fursiblings.

For that to happen, I'll need all the support I can get.

Could you please help me do so?

Click here to go to her Go Fund Me page.

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